Here at Sports 360, ground advertising is our bread and butter. We specialise in providing advertising space for brands to promote their products and services to sports fans around the world.

We also offer sports advertising and team sponsorship so that your brand can gain exposure.

Why Choose Ground Advertising?

If you choose to promote your product using ground advertising, you’ll not only be reaching the thousands of people that are attending the match.

The rise of modern technology means that live sporting events are now streamed all over the world on a range of devices including TVs, tablets, mobile phones and computers. The technology that we watch sports through is constantly evolving. On Wednesday 3rd August, Wayne Rooney’s testimonial for Manchester United was streamed live over Facebook, and reached a potential audience of 1.7 billion people.

Some of the most watched events in history have been sports. Although global television figures are notoriously difficult to monitor, it’s estimated that the World Cup Final attracts between 600 million and 1 billion viewers.

Types of Ground Advertising

Here at Sports 360, we offer a wide range of products so that you can get the most out of your ground advertisement campaign.

LED Pitch-side Board

There’s nothing quite like an LED pitch-side board for advertising your product. They’re eye-catching, sophisticated and can be seen by thousands, if not millions, of sports fans around the world.

LED pitch-side boards are a great opportunity to raise brand awareness and get creative. One famous Arsenal match featured a cartoon dog on the pitch-side boards that appeared to run towards the ball at one point.

Standard Pitch-side Board

The classic pitch-side board has become a staple in any sports match. These are less expensive than the more modern LED boards, but still hold their own in today’s competitive types of marketing.

Stand & Stadium Naming Rights / Hospitality Suite Naming Rights

Sports clubs are often looking for brands to partner with for the naming rights of their stands and stadiums.

Stand & stadium naming rights include extensive branding throughout the stand or stadium, and can come with some pitch-side advertising too, although this varies from club to club.

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