Here at Sports 360, we’re proud to offer team sponsorship brokering to our clients. Team sponsorship is one of the most prominent forms of sports advertising, and many businesses of all sizes choose to sponsor a sports team as a way to promote their company.

Sports 360 also offer ground and sports advertising as a way for brands to gain exposure.

Why choose to sponsor a team?

Sponsoring a local team can generate lots of revenue, great publicity and create a huge amount of valuable goodwill for businesses of all sizes.

If you sponsor a sports team, you’ll enter into a mutually beneficial relationship with that club. So your business will provide the team with some form of funding, resources or services in return for rights and/or association with the club.

You’ll also benefit from kit sponsorship – your brand name will be featured on the kits of the players.

Sponsoring a sports team is a great way to gain publicity for your brand, as well as entering into a great professional relationship.

Key benefits of team sponsorship

  • Increase brand recognition: Many sporting events reach millions of viewers across the globe – the Betfred Cup was broadcast live to 54 countries! That’s a lot of recognition for your brand. You’ll also get weeks of pre-exposure prior to the matches direct to your target audience.
  • Generate leads: In business, it’s important to generate new leads whenever possible. With many team sponsorship packages, you’ll receive invitations to some key events in the team’s calendar, which will give you an opportunity to connect with potential clients who have an interest in your industry.
  • Build credibility: Sponsoring a local or national team is a great way to build credibility with potential clients in your local area and beyond.

How can Sports 360 help?

Sports 360 have delivered many partner deals over the years with many super league clubs. We were delighted to broker the shirt sponsorship deal for Wigan Warriors and Coral for this 2016 season.

For more information about how Sports 360 can broker you a sponsorship deal with a sports club or player, get in touch.