The 2017 FA Cup is the first time since the Football League’s foundation in 1888 that two non-league clubs have reached the fifth round. Lincoln City and Sutton both won matches over the weekend, with Lincoln beating Brighton 3-1 and Sutton beating Leeds 1-0.

The teams are looking to the future, with Sutton captain, James Collins saying: “I think we’d like one of the Premier League big boys now – Manchester United, Arsenal, someone like that, away.”

A Brief FA History

Image credit: Spartacus Educational

In 1863 the Football Association (FA), published The Laws of the Game, which unified the various rules of football that were in use previously. In November 1871, the inaugural FA Cup tournament kicked off, with Wanderers FC coming out on top on March 16th the following year. By the 1888-89 season, qualifying rounds were introduced.

From 1914 to 1919 and 1938 to 1946 there was no FA Cup, due to the war.

The FA Cup is the closest thing the UK has to the widely coveted Super Bowl in the USA. It’s a competition that has come a long way since its conception in the Victorian era, and has featured some of the world’s most renowned players.

Did you know… the Royal Engineers played in the first ever FA Cup final, on the 16th March 1872.

Some interesting facts about the FA Cup

Image credit: The Guardian

Over the years there have been some fascinating facts and figures regarding the FA Cup. We’ve picked out some of our favourites:

  • The FA Cup started in 1871, making it the world’s oldest football competition.
  • The highest ever scoreline in the FA Cup finals was Bury v Derby County, which finished on 6-0 to Bury in 1903.
  • The fastest goal in FA Cup history was scored in 2009 by Everton’s Louis Saha, who scored against Chelsea just 25 seconds after kick off.
  • The longest FA Cup tie in history lasted a whopping five games, with Bury finally beating Stoke in 1954.
  • At the beginning of each FA Cup final, the cup itself is decorated with the ribbons of both teams. The winning ribbons are all that remain once the final whistle is blown.

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